Introducing the Guide to Business Development and Partnerships

I have spent the past 6+ years in various Business Development / Corporate Development roles at both early-stage and growth-stage VC-backed companies. During that time, I have done some things well, some things not so well, and learned a lot. I have also met a bunch of fellow Business Development “practitioners” and read many, many articles (blog posts, reports, etc.) on the subject. While the topic of Business Development does not garner the same amount of coverage from thought leaders (VC’s, entrepreneurs, operators) as other related topics (like Sales or Marketing), there is still some great content on the topic out there.

A few months ago, the folks at Work-Bench created an awesome resource called The Enterprise Sales Guide, which is a curated collection of the “best” articles written by top thought leaders on (not surprisingly) the topic of Enterprise Sales. I have not come across a similar guide for Business Development and Partnerships, so I decided to create my own.

This guide is my attempt to capture the “Best of” when it comes to the topic of Business Development and Partnerships. I expect that the guide will continue to evolve as I come across more content, and as I write and contribute some of my own articles.  (Note that this guide reflects my interests and experience, so it is geared primarily to early-stage and growth-stage B2B technology companies.)

Click here to view the guide.

  • Blcarey

    James, Thanks for the great reference info. I’ll be sure to read most of this.

    • James Cohane

      Hey Blair – glad you found this to be a helpful resource.

  • eWorld Trade

    In this blog we have learned several useful points which clears the concept of partnerships and business development